Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fabric Painting- Online Course at Academy of Quilting!

Here are more photos from my online course called "Fabric Painting". Registration is now open. Go to and look around for more online courses. Anything you would like to learn? Let me know!

Below is an abstract painting done by my student Kristin. With some thread painting, this became a lovely pillow.

Below is an ugly thrift store chair that I painted. It was well made and so comfortable. It's only flaw was that the fabric was dated and hideous. Now it is beautiful and fits my decor perfectly!

Here is a detail of a small painting I made of a nautilus shell. With some machine stitching, it's texture was dramatically enhanced.

This is a detail I painted of background grasses and rocks for three tropical fish. So many fine details can be achieved with the flick of a brush!

See you in class????

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