Thursday, December 12, 2013

What to do with Bloopers?

As I close 2013, I am cleaning off my shelves and digging out from under the year's worth of fabric that was thrown aside or crammed somewhere/anywhere to get on with what was next. 

I have tons of fabric that was experimental, not quite right, misreads of orders, and lots that is just the result of a brain fart; stuff that got away from me for who knows what reason. It is still beautiful and worthy of something other than just sitting in a box.

I had a brief "Etsy" experience long ago and will reopen the store momentarily. If you want some hand dyed cotton for CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, check it out. Silk and wool products will follow as I have the time and desire.

Here are some of the blooper photos which I know happen to you now and then when you do not pay attention to what you are doing. Can you imagine that I once had a customer who requested that I dye her fabric so it HAD these folds and "highlights"? Where is she now, I wonder?

Need some blue cotton? Need some yellow? You know where to find me. It's selling as soon as I get the store cranked up, for $4.00/yard or $1.00 per fat quarter. Once I get the store open, I will post how to locate it quickly and painlessly.

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