Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lichen Dyeing! New YouTube video~

My latest YouTube video can be seen if you go to:

I had heard that lichen made a nice natural dye, so watch the video of how I obtained the beautiful yellow green seen in the picture.

The lichen used to dye the wool, silk, and cotton fibers was sustainably collected from a fallen tree in Mt Shasta, CA. 

My new workbook will also be available on my web site ( tomorrow with lessons on how to dye using tea, spices, juices, flowers, rust, and much more.

If you prefer dyeing wool, that will be the next workbook I complete this fall, so watch for it here, on Facebook, and on my web site.

Happy dyeing!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hand dyed silk, cotton and wool~any color, any fabric, any way you want it!

Fabric has a Facebook page and boards on Pinterest if you are interested in seeing more hand dyed cotton, silk and wool textiles! We even have YouTube videos on various topics relating to fabric dyeing techniques. Look for the Fabric Designs channel and become a follower!

Right now, I am working on three large scale panels for a local cafe. The subject matter is three sleeping cats and will be done in either batik or with textile paints. Watch this blog for photos of the step by step process.

Happy dyeing!

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