Friday, August 30, 2013

So are you teaching online classes or not????

The answer to this question is yes, I am teaching my online fabric designing classes when Quilt University closes at the end of this year.

You may also be asking me where, when, what, how, who.....all good questions but I can't say quite yet. I will announce it soon. Sorry about being so secretive but that is how it has to be for now. I know!!! It's making me antsy too.

Until then- there are a few more of my classes to be found at


Monday, August 26, 2013

Wicking Color- How Procion MX Dyes Travel Along Fibers

Here's yet another YouTube video on how colors wick.

The quality isn't that great so I do apologize for that but you get the general idea of what's going on here, I hope.

The problem some of my students have with colors wicking too fast or too slowly results in funky results on occasion. 

One color in particular that is tough to make is brown. When jammed into a tight container to make the mottling designs we all love, the color red, which travels slowest of the three primaries, can't quite make it into the folds and caverns to blend with the yellow and blue. The result is some brown but also some green thrown into the mix. You can easily fix this problem by readjusting the fabric at the half way mark so the red can find it's way along the fibers to make a nice brown color.

Removing a piece of hand dyed fabric too soon from the dye bath can also be problematic in that the colors haven't had the time to travel together and connect to the fibers as well as they can or should.

I have been playing with intentional wicking of colors. You can see results of that by searching this blog for the word, "wicking".


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


For my online students and those who have taken classes with me in the past, here is a demonstration of how to tent silk (or cotton) that has been dyed in an environment where there is very low humidity. 

Having the fabric dry out too soon can be problematic when looking for deep, dark color saturation.

Happy dyeing, everyone!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Online teaching...

Might still be teaching online fabric designing classes after all....interested? Let me know!

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