Monday, March 11, 2013


Dawn of a New Day
38" x 52"

Monoprint- dye on crepe backed silk satin

The California Fiber Artists are featured April 1-22 at Gallery 74 in Fresno, California. The reception is April 4th from 5-9 pm.

This is my piece that will be in the show. After many flops and horrible results, I finally made another mono print that I like. Isn't that how art making is? Not everything created is a winner. All are stepping stones to the next attempt.

This particular piece came on the heels of a horrible print that was garish at best.  The next day I went into the studio and saw the dried dyes and chems still on the glass- topped table and decided to break all the rules and make a second print. I tossed water on the dried dyes, added more chemicals and laid out the silk. The colors are much more muted than the first print and this time- it worked. Beautiful color, beautiful texture and the light breaking the sky- just right!

Many times, it's breaking the rules that has taken me into new territory that defies logic. Anytime in art making when someone says, "absolutely do not _____" I have to go there. It has often been the best thing ever. I either find out for myself WHY not to go there or find out it is actually a very good thing and not a major "no-no" and so worth the risk.  How about you?

To see the new CFA web site, go to 

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