Monday, December 10, 2012

Painted Fabric Fish

For my latest project, I painted three large Coi panels. 
The first thing I needed to do was sketch out my ideas for a clear game plan of how the whole piece would look.
Once that was done, I made a simple grid over the drawing so that when I enlarged it, it would be easy to transfer the design onto the cloth.


Here is the first panel, enlarged and transferred to large butcher's paper.

The fabric is then laid on top of the drawing and a pencil is used to transfer the design onto the cloth.

The paper underneath is then removed and the painting begins.  

I used Jacquard Fabric Paints to block out the background in white.  Knowing the panels would be hanging on an unpainted brick wall, I challenged myself to not get involved in detailing that would become too busy and overwhelm the room.

Here is the first panel, ready for the backing to be pinned on after the paints were heat set.

Each panel is about 40" x 81" and signed in gold metallic ink and finished off with my own personal chop. I finally, after many years of thinking about it, made myself a chop utilizing the Chinese word for peace. I went through lots and lots of words that were simply too difficult to carve into my rubber base. Some words were tempting and hilarious but....well....this is what I decided was good for now: PEACE.  I do plan on going to China Town (in San Francisco) and paying someone to make me a real chop with something more personal but for now, this will do.

Here are the three panels hanging at The Fat Cat Cafe. 

I am happy with the outcome. From start to finish this project was a joy and a pleasure. Some projects are like that. Others cause such pain and struggle with rage and disgust as byproducts. This was not the case and I think it shows.

If you would like to learn how to paint using Jacquards, it will come up early in 2013 at Quilt University. My classes fill up fairly fast so watch for it. ( See you there?

Thanks for looking.

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