Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mono prints- Life Lines

The California Fiber Artists will be showing their work at the Front Porch Gallery in Carlsbad, CA next month.  For the show, I selected my newest piece which is a mono print using thickened dyes on silk. The photo above is a detail of the depth of color achieved using Procion MX fiber reactive dyes on Crepe Backed Silk Satin- charmeuse.  The thin line of gold is metallic paint.

My grand nieces' favorite colors are pink, purple, orange and black. I used this as the starting point for the piece laying down the colors separately at the top and then blending them as they progress down the silk.  Their names and birth dates were painted on using metallic fabric paints after the piece was rinsed and dry.
Here is the completed piece. It's dimensions are 22" x 72".  It is backed with more white silk.  

The shimmer of silk satin is unlike any other. The term, "smooth as silk" must be referring to CBSS. It is a dream to work with and perfect for this piece. While I prefer working with dupion silk when it comes to mono prints, this was fun to use.

This piece is called "Life Lines- Katelyn and Reese". Our lives are so often marked by the passage of time and recollection of things past; remembered according to who was there, who was alive, who was no longer alive. I am so very thankful for these two young girls who will always have each other as they travel along life's road. Forever sisters. What a treasured gift!

Next time I do a large scale print like this, I will take pictures of the process for you to see.  The mess afterwards is particularly notable! I sometimes do not return to the dye studio for DAYS after one of these sessions because it is too awful to even look at...but...alas....I do return and scrub down, hose down, scrape off and regroup to dye again.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Use a C Clamp with Stretcher Bars

One of my Quilt University students asked me to post a picture of how to use a C clamp with wooden slats to make a completely adjustable stretcher bar system.  This is a picture of a HUGE one with two 1/4" x 2" slats. You can use any size wood, and smaller clamps. I used a big one in this picture for visual purposes. My favorite size is a 2" clamp.

Be sure to paint or varnish the wood so that when dye is applied, it won't soak into the wood and come back later on other projects to bite you in the butt, so to speak. Dyes, even if washed off wood, can leach back out and stain your future projects. Ask me how I know. :-)

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