Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hand Dyed Silk Curtains

If you scroll down a bit you can see the first set of curtains I made for this local customer. This is the final set for the living room. They are made from dupion silk and were dyed a sea glass blue/green. I didn't think it would be as difficult to match as it was but I finally nailed it after 7 samples were made.  It was a deceptive color. It needed to  match her leather couch and the hint of gray in the color was bothersome, but I love a challenge.

Here they are open to let in more light.

Now and then I totally impress myself. This doesn't happen very often because I am so super critical of everything I do when it comes to fiber art/fabric designing.  On these two sets of drapes, however, when everything was said and done, I did, audibly, gasp. They are breathtakingly beautiful.

There is nothing like silk. I could work with silk for the rest of my life and die a happy woman. I love the feel, the drape, the way it catches the light, the way it takes the dye. 

My customer was overwhelmingly delighted as well. 

This was a very satisfying experience. All we could say as we sat there and looked from the living room to the dining room and back was "Dang!"  "Dang."  "Dang!"  "Dang." And then she would say: "Dang, woman." And we would laugh and say it again: "Dang."

You ever had an experience like this?
Thanks for looking.

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