Monday, February 6, 2012

Ombre Dyed Curtains and Mess with the Dress!

I wanted to show you my current commission to dye and then construct two sets of ombre dyed, dupion silk curtains. This first set was one of those "I -think -I -am -going- to -lose- my- mind -and- maybe- should- retire- from- this- business" kind of projects. I dyed 6 yards of dupion silk a tea stain color which came out way too yellow. I mean WAAAAAAaaaay too yellow! What the heck?? I know this recipe backwards and forwards...I thought..... but it went yellow on me. So how about if I overdye the silk with some more blue and red? That went well but wasn't dark enough and some mysterious blue streaks showed up at the lighter section on the top. Overdye again with darker brew. Okay! I hung the curtains on a ladder to use the benefits of gravity and at some point in the process they fell off of the ladder and developed black spots all over the silk from the decomposing leaves on the patio. CRAP. Time to just start over again.

Cut new silk. Decided to splat on a new dye recipe (what was I thinking???) that I hadn't tested first. Delirious. It turned, while I wasn't looking, from brown to on the lowest sections and stayed tan on the top most section. I screamed when I rinsed the silk. SCREAMED. OUT LOUD. Okay...deep breath. Do it again with adjusted recipe. Rinse time.....deeper RED. SCREAMED OBSCENITIES THIS TIME.

Called customer to come look at the results as the silk is absolutely magnificent. Not the right color on the bottom but completely exquisite. I so totally know better than to do things like this. I have dyed fabric for over 40 years and I know that focus and concentration is vitally important when handling silk of any kind.

Guess what happened? Customer flipped out with joy. She says, "Bring it to my house and let's see how it looks." It looked completely amazing. Like.... chillingly perfect. I even impressed myself which is very hard to do.

Sewed the first set and here they are. Cannot get a good pic of this as the color is too complex but suffice it to say that this is a stroke of blessing that made me look like a complete and utter genius.

On to the next set which should be another very difficult custom color but I'll show you and tell you about the adventure next week. Or the week (month) after because I am such a terrible blogger.

And then we have this....this is a full length organza layered monster dress with an organza shawl in a hideous lilac color. It is my entry for the "Mess with the Dress" show coming up next month. Here is my artist's statement:

Title: “Mother of the Bride (She Was Always Such a Natural Beauty)”.

Although I am not yet a Mother of the Bride, I do know what goes into such a production. While we strive to look as if age and time has had no effect on us, behind the scenes there is a tremendous amount of work, money, product, and effort given to make it all look so very natural. The dress is only secondary. The gym, the makeup, the creams, the vitamins, the diet, the tanning…that’s the mess that is put into the dress.

Fun to do.

Thanks for looking. What are you working on these days??

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