Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More on Dying and Dyeing, naturally, and about finishing things-.

So now that some of the dust has settled, I was asked by one of my followers if I had any pics of some of these projects completed. While it is true that I do move at an alarmingly fast speed, often I do not post the final results of things because I never finished whatever it was because it is always the next thing that interests me more, OR because I simply forgot about the posting made and the project. There are a number of things that come to mind that I will show you soon- projects started and blogged about but never shown as a finished piece.

Dad died. I feel the loss. We scatter his ashes this weekend.

My husband's brother died 5 years ago. We scattered the ashes last weekend. Talk about not finishing things!

My dear friend JoDean still has the ashes of her son who died 25 years ago. I invited her to leave him in my garden this weekend.

Max, my tennis friend died a few days after Dad. He is being scattered this weekend as well.

I have had enough of dying....But...that leads me to dyeing.

Coming up soon is the Yolo County Arts Council Art Farms show. I need to enter something as it has been a wonderful link in Woodland. I have so enjoyed touring the farms with the best of intentions to do something this year for the show. Do you see a theme developing here?

Above, you will see some wine on my stove from one of our many local wineries. Bogle Vineyards opened their acreage for artists to tour and become inspired. I dyed two passes of Malabrigo yarn.

Excellent color. Here you can see how the yarn looks before dyeing and then the first round of dyeing.

Take either my Tea and Spice Dyeing class at www.quiltuniversity.com or the Wool Dyeing course to learn how to do this.

The ball on the left is from the first run. There was some color left after 1 3/4 hours so I added a second skein for a 1 hour uptake session. It is lighter and will be the perfect accent for the wearable art my daughter will be creating for the show.

I do promise to show you how the projects came out and who ends up bidding on and buying the set of items.

Next time I post, I will show you the yarn that was spun from the oxalis grass dyeing we blogged about earlier this summer. I promise.

Thanks for looking! I have no idea how this underlining font came into being or how to get rid of it. Certainly makes this look emphatic.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On death and dyeing

One of my favorite things in the world to do it to dye silk and just about any other fiber there is. One of my least favorite things to do is experience dying, no "e".

I haven't posted in a long time because I have been dyeing a lot of silk lately and walking through a dying experience with my dad.

Both experiences-dying and dyeing change things. Both are complicated. Both forever change what they touch. Both start out one way and end up another way. Both can be a beautiful thing. Both can bring tears to my eyes. Both are mysterious. Both can be spiritual. Both involve chemistry. Both teach me about myself. Both are transforming. Both make me introspective. Both make me cry and both have such potential for commentary.

I'll be back to blog later. For now I need to think and pray and regroup.

Dye on.

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