Monday, July 11, 2011

Belly dancing veils and more silk dyeing-

I have been busy dyeing and inventing and dyeing some more. Are you surprised?

Many of you know that I have an alliance and friendship with Jes (see above) of A'Kai Silks based in Hawaii. She is keeping me waist deep in dye and silk which is no better place for me to be. So here's a look at what I have been doing lately- the above half circle veils went to Singapore (48 of them) and now we are working on 30 that go out to Japan.

Here is the silk.

Here it is all cut up and ready to go.

Dyes are ready....

Dyed and rinsed and drying in the California sun.

One problem that I had been having is the Turquoise dye makes streaks on the silk if any portion of it is exposed to the air and dries. There is such low humidity here that this is a real and constant battle with this particular color. Even when I have it mixed with another color, it can and will do this at about the 20 hour mark. If I am diligent and remove the dye at the 15-17 hour mark, I can sometimes fend off the marks. If I am persistent in pressing down the plastic to keep air out then drying out is not a possibility and time is not a factor.

I do not dye these silks the way I teach at Quilt University, but I use Jes' procedures and techniques exclusively which is why such a long amount of time is dedicated to the curing process.

As far as inventing goes, the two of us have come up with something new and wonderful soon to hit the markets. It's called a "Scarcho". Will post a picture when Jes says I can....until then, I will let you try to imagine what this thing looks like.

Until then- thank you for being patient with me- the nonblogger!

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