Thursday, November 18, 2010

Painting with dyes

I am trying to use up some of the supplies that are taking up space in my dye studio. One box is full of weirdo gutta resist products that I have collected over the years. One mysterious bottle of resist has turned amber colored (not unusual) and has an almost frothy consistency when it dries. It looks like it is penetrating all the way through the silk when it is wet but when it dries, it's kind of crusty. Oh well. I will try applying more on top of the crust and plowing ahead anyway. More on this piece in a minute...

Sorry that I have missed some days blogging. My usual once a week schedule got thrown off as I have moved into the next project which was reclaiming my house after the long session of dyeing wool and writing it up for the next Quilt University season.
Above is a second Crepe de Chine poncho that I am making for the California Fiber Artist's show I am assembling that will open December 3rd here in Woodland, CA. 20 of us submitted pieces for the show.
On the 3rd, four of us will be doing demonstrations of the kind of work we do and talking about our fiber art. The circles of gutta will be there and I will show how to apply the resist and also how to apply the dye to the areas that are dry.
I will take pictures along to way of my progress with this silk painting.
Thanks for looking. Monday, I promise to add some more to this blog.

Monday, November 8, 2010

All I do is dye wool and write, write, write!

This big old box is jammed full of hand dyed wool yarns, roving, felt, flannel and fabric. All I have been doing for weeks and weeks is dye wool, test wool, anticipate questions, anticipate wild and crazy students who will try and out think me by veering off to the left or right of "normal" and getting notions that they are invincible. I try to second guess them and head off disasters before they start by doing the wacky thing myself so I know what to expect when a riot erupts in the classroom.

I apologize to those of you who follow this blog and have kept coming up with the same old thing on the same old page but that is really what is happening in my life right now. It's the same old thing- dye wool. Log the results. Write what happened. Test recipes. Anticipate questions.

Once again, I estimate that this new online course is composed of about 200 hours of my life. At least.

I think I will be sending the class to Carol tomorrow. Total pages? About 40? Total pictures? About 115. Total projects 15, I think. Potential for a zillion if you try all the recipes.

I need a vacation.

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