Thursday, October 29, 2009

Show me what $2,000.00 of hand dyed fabric looks like-

There is an event this Saturday that involves fiber and it's production from field to loom to the dye vats. This opportunity came about suddenly so I have to move fast.
I have been systematically digging out all the hand dyed fabs and silk scarves that have been taking up space and washing them, ironing them, folding them and putting them in a big box.
When someone does something nice for me, I let them chose a scarf. When I go somewhere, I take a hostess gift which is a silk scarf. When it is someones birthday- they chose a scarf. When someone who does fiber art isn't looking, I deposit fat quarters on their doorstep, ring the bell and run away. How fun is that? Very fun.
So this week, I have been pulling out fabs that were duds, experimental, ends of runs, and just stuff I have had around the Dye Studio for eons. I have washed it, overdyed it, cut it up and am ready to sell it. I had NO idea how much stuff I had in boxes and stuffed under tables and on the shelves. Here is almost all of it. It's hard to see the immensity of the pile. I am going to be selling it all, even the scarves for half price. Hopefully, it will go fast and I'll be done.
It feels so good to have some breathing room but best of all, it feels great to be selling it all off to good homes. Hopefully, this fabric will be turned into fiber art which in turn will make more people happy and productive.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Sodium alginate stuff

The last lesson in the new Quilt University class called "Thick and Thin" includes how to paint on the thickened dyes to make color gradations and then stamp or stencil patterns on top of the gradations.

This one is an experimental piece I tried using red as the base and then yellow as the stamping color for subtle results. The possibilities are endless.

These wooden stamps were purchased from Lilian Vernon years ago. Very cool.

I'm excited about the last lesson in the class because I teach you how to actually work with the flaws in the system. So the first four lessons are how to use the thickeners properly and the last lesson is how to mess with them and not play by the rules for more fabulous results. For instance, if not mixed properly the dyes streak which is not necessarily a bad thing! If you do not rinse out the dyes well they also streak. Not a bad thing either. It's not often that you can actually break all the rules and have terrific results. I think this medium may actually be klutz proof.

I absolutely love this piece of fabric. I can't wait for you to take this class and show me what you can do.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finishing up-Batik II

Here is the final outcome of the waxing, dyeing, removal of wax, and repeating the procedure for the final lesson of the class I teach called "Batik Seminar" which is finishing up at Quilt University this week.
You can see the progression below...this is how batik is done- Old School! Lots of work but worth the effort. I call this pattern, "Party At My House".

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Dye Studio E-News sent out today!

I just sent out the fall issue of The Dye Studio E-Newsletter. If you did not receive it or would like to be put on my list, email me and let me know.

In this season's issue I discuss the new QU class I am putting the finishing touches on called "Thick and Thin".
Sodium alginate is an awesome medium to use with Procion MX dyes to make a substance that is far superior to fabric paints in that once the dyes are set, the alginate washes away leaving the brilliant color and design behind with absolutely NO hand or stiffness the way paints do even when thinned down with water.

Here is a picture of one of the projects I finished for my small writing table in the kitchen-I love those table runners! I used one of the wooden stamps I bought several years ago from Lillian Vernon, of all places! I must say that is the first and only time I have ever placed and order with them. I bought them because I thought they were beautiful- not that I would ever use them! I thought the same thing about the brass batiking tjap I bought from Dharma. That thing is not only a work of art, it is a fabulously balanced and makes perfect wax stamps every time. Not once in awhile- EVERY time. Wish I had 60 more.
Watch for this 5 lesson online class soon at QU. We do not have a starting date yet but will later in the year. I expect standing room only so register as soon as you see it on the roster. I will let you know well enough ahead of time so that you can get your supplies.
If you would like a supply list now, email me.
Happy dyeing, stamping, mess making everyone!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Batik Seminar-The Plaid

A little over 3 years ago, I wrote the sequel class to the Quilt University class called Batik It! Carol or Roger creatively called the sequel-The Batik Seminar. Ha. In the last lesson of the sequel I did a very lame attempt at the final project and vowed that I would come back soon-very soon- and do it again so that every time I see the pictures I would NOT cringe and yell at myself. Three years go by pretty fast. Never fixed it.
This semester I have several students who have done fabulous stuff which I will be posting in the student gallery for next term. In the meantime, I redid the lesson and am glad to report better results! These pictures will replace the old funky ones:

First step- wax out the areas to remain white.

Painted on the colors in this order- red, yellow, blue.

Wax over the areas to remain red, yellow and blue.

Apply a second intensity version of red, yellow and blue but shift the order to blue, yellow, red. Red now becomes purple, blue now becomes green, yellow becomes orange. Remove all the wax.

Apply wax on diagonal exposing areas of white, red, yellow, and blue. Leave dots open and close some dots.

Paint on orange dye.

Wax a squiggly line in orange panels and close some dots to save the color beneath.

Overdye a second intensity brown.

That's as far as I have gone for now. Tomorrow I will iron off this waxing and soak in paint thinner and show you the final piece.

Better,eh? Yes. Lots better.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Princess 1996-2009

Okay. One last picture of The PrinCESS. Her story is a rags to riches tale. She had humble beginnings but the last 5 years with us were glorious.
She was not long on the brains but she knew who she loved.
When she came to us after her first owner's death, she got to go to the beach and the snow and on vacations and got to ride in the car like a big dog. She went from Podunk to Disneyland and truly became a royal-the fulfillment of her first owner's deepest dreams.
All dogs go to heaven.
Moving on now....

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Princess ends her reign. Fare Thee Well.

An hour ago I had to take The Princess (left) to the vet to make the journey to the other side. It is a heartbreaking day. I will miss her. She loved me like no other dog ever loved me. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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