Thursday, September 17, 2009

So it has been three weeks since I blogged! I am the worst blogger in the universe. I still stand tall and do not feel shame. It's not as if I didn't THINK about it once or twice. Okay. Maybe once. Then I see that there are people who follow this blog and hopefully you aren't disappointed when you come here and see that it's still the same old thing. Take heart. I now have something to show you...
This is how it will look when you do lesson two in the new QU class I am writing even as we speak. I hope it won't be too daunting a task...maybe you can tell me if you think it is over the top. We mix 12 colors....and from those 12 we make a sampler like this....
And as your reward, you can let loose on an extra piece of fabric with the left overs and make a mess like this...

What else have I been doing? Dyeing fabric. Lots of fabric. Some went to Australia. Some went to Tokyo. Some went to Ohio. Where else? New Mexico.
In between dyeing sessions I work on the new class which now has a title: Thick and Thin. Carol named it. Maybe Roger.
Using thickened dyes is going to make you so excited! I'm excited to show you how it's done. Hopefully it will be done and ready for editing this fall and then we will publish at Quilt University maybe around March or so.
Tomorrow I will show you some more preliminary pictures of the lesson projects.
Thanks for looking. You are so faithful!

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